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About Us

Paulson Designs - Est. 2011

Paulson Designs was founded in 2011 by college roommates, Rene Garza and Caleb Paulson, to provide college fans, students, and alumni a more exciting variety of home decor products than what existed at the time.  Rene and Caleb first met as freshman involved in a student leadership organization that facilitated many popular on-campus traditions, that would soon lead to their common obsession and future company motto "Keep Tradition".  Since inception, our brand has continued to strengthen; now selling in thousands of stores nationwide, fans everywhere are keeping tradition!  In five years, Paulson Designs has expanded offices 3 times, and now resides in Missouri City, TX.

Although originally focused on creating a core line of collegiate licensed wall decor, we have recently broadened our scope of products to magnets, picture frames, and stationary, allowing fans to now "Keep Tradition" in many different ways.  Additionally, we've expanded our reach outside of the collegiate spectrum to include tourism, monogram, Boy Scouts, faith, and soon many more followings with their own set of unique traditions to keep!  Regardless of the category, we pride ourselves in our devotion to creating some of the most unique and memorable designs in the industry; so much so, we continue to receive a steady flow of attention, from a variety of outside companies, seeking to utilize our artwork for their own products.  

We invite you to check out our growing collection of home products and please stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood.  Also, feel free to call or leave us a message for any inquiries, questions, and/or feedback as we love hearing from customers.  But if nothing else, please always "Keep Tradition"!

Our Team

Caleb Paulson - CEO | Product Design

Caleb is co-founder of Paulson Designs with a background in architectural design and passion for developing great products.  His favorite product collection is "college" and admits "there are no words for that feeling on game day, in a stadium packed full of fans screaming some chant or school song in unison; for a couple hours, it doesn't matter who you are as an individual, doesn't matter who you are standing next to, you're just proud to be a part of something huge, something so much greater than your small self. It feels good."  Outside of work, Caleb enjoys being very active, traveling, and participating in a variety of recreational sports and community volunteer programs.

Rene Garza - President | National Sales Manager

Rene is co-founder of Paulson Designs with a background in supply-chain management; he is a real-life organizational wizard with a passion for sales/relations.  His favorite product category is "college" because he enjoys "learning different traditions at each university and working closely with licensing directors and agencies through ICLA(International Collegiate Licensing Association)." Although Rene enjoys the hustle and bustle associated with growing the business, networking and traveling, he will always be a small-town, country-boy at heart and relishes the down time.  Outside of work, he prefers spending time with his wife at home, Barbecuing and playing with their two dogs.  Rene is also an active committee member at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo, each year, because "the program is heavily invested in developing today's youth, our future leaders of America." 

Alana Gonzales - VP Operations | Marketing Manager

As one of the first fans of Paulson Designs, Alana joined the team in 2014. She brings a big bag of skills to the table as a communications and journalism from Texas A&M. Alana's had the joy of seeing the product offerings grow outside of the collegiate realm, especially our "State" collection. When Alana is not in the office, she enjoys photography, exploring Houston, and spending time with her three nieces. 

Garrett McDaniel - Production Manager

Garrett is a proud Texas A&M graduate and oversees assembly and production of all Paulson Designs products. Garrett's favorite product line is "City/Destination" and believes "the places we travel and explore, along the memories we make while there, are things that we cherish throughout our entire lives; being able to have an artwork piece in your home or office that takes you back to those exact moments, in time, works to enrich those experiences even more." Outside of work, Garrett enjoys to travel and to spend time with his family.

Breann Black - Graphic Artist

"Bre" is a graphic designer and is currently working towards her Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Equally as talented as she is hard-working, her positive impact on the company is clear, since our early days. Her favorite product collection is the "State" line because as a native Texan, she has a lot of pride for her state.  When she isn't designing, she enjoys hiking and relaxing on the beaches of the Virgin Islands. 

Hillary Baker - Graphic Artist

Hillary has a graphic design background and is responsible for editing and creating custom artwork for Paulson Designs. Her favorite line is "City/Destination" because she considers her self quite the adventurer; she hopes to one day travel and see more of the world. The "City/Destination" line helps her discover places she isn't yet familiar with. When she's not designing, you can catch Hillary reading a book or spending some quality time with friends.

Juana Reyes - Production Staff

"Juany" works in the canvas print assembly department and "enjoys working with her team to produce great final products through to completion." Outside of work, she stays very active, creating homemade crafts for friends, playing soccer, and singing in her church choir.  Most days, here at Paulson Designs, its unnecessary to play music when you've got the delightful live sound of Juana Reyes.  

Heidy Giron - Production Staff

Heidy brings great positivity and leadership to the team in assuring all products are assembled and packaged correctly.  She says "it feels good to close every box and know our customers are going to be happy with the quality."  Heidy's favorite category is the "Faith" line because "no matter what people think of you, you are always special to God."  Outside of work, Heidy enjoys "couponing" and spending time with family and God.  

Ana Machado - Production Staff

Ana assists in the magnet and picture frame assembly and says she "enjoys learning how to craft new products that she never thought she was capable of producing." She loves all the Paulson Designs categories and stays very active outside of work, playing baseball and spending time with God and her Family. 

Meyboll del Carmen Ruiz Colindres - Production Staff

Meyboll assists in assembling some of the smaller Paulson Designs products such as magnets and picture frames.  She enjoys working with a variety of products "because it is amazing what your hands can put together" and has "inspired her to do better for herself every day." Meyboll lights up the office with her bright smile. Her favorite product category is the "Faith" line because "God comes first in her life". She spends her spare time visiting family and traveling. 


Through several years of exposure at trade shows, showrooms, and retail outlets, our unique designs are beginning to sweep their way into thousands of stores nationwide. Luckily, they are grabbing attention of other industry-leading manufacturers.  In 2014, Paulson Designs began offering a partnership opportunity for other non-competing product companies seeking to utilize and sell our designs on their products.  Since the inceptions, we have witnessed great success from our collaborations with the following companies:

US Digital Media  Thirstystone


For partnership inquiries, contact us at